Rohit Sharma the talisman that was left in the shadows

Rohit Sharma

Well as awful as the title may sound the article is that bit interesting,for such a long time people had associated the word talent with Rohit Sharma ,when he came into the limelight during a partnership with Sachin Tendulkar in the cb series final the whole world stopped and took notice cricket pundits around the world were awed with the amount of talent that this 19 year old Mumbaikar had .It seemed Rohit was ready to follow in the footsteps of his idol Sachin,however too much of expectations and a lazy attitude left rohit looking for a place in the team as he spent six years in and out mainly playing a second foil to the comparatively less talented yet a 1000 times more hard working Virat Kohli.
However a masterstroke kum gamble by t ms Dhoni meant that Rohit got a chance to revive his career this time as an opener in the limited overs formats,6 years from that day and Rohit Sharma is now an odi great and perhaps the best t 20 batsman that India has ever produced however everything that he did he was always the second best to a certain someone,having amassed over 5000 runs in 5 years after scoring 19 centuries in the same he still wasn’t the best he was still a second foil to the same hardworking bloke Virat Kohli.
But 2019 seems to have brought a new sense of urgency and a quest ,hunger and thirst for greatness in Rohit sharmas game that had been missing till date.
This World Cup he was able to walk away from those dreaded Virat Kohli  shadows and truly show the world that he is indeed the best ODI cricketer of his generation,having scored 5 centuries in a single edition of the world cup Rohit now looked to prove his intentions in a format that had eluded him for long having had to wait for his turn Rohit finally got to show us the type of caliber that he possesses once again he was at the limelight opening the batting virtually 2 positions away from the Virat Kohli shadows and he was able to shine in away only he can.
Well Rohit Sharma may not be India’s best batsman as long as Virat Kohli is there but we simply can’t overlook the fact that he’s simply in a class of his own ,residing in Kohli’s shadow for the entirety of his career Rohit is the silent talisman in the Indian cricket  team.

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